Friday, March 13, 2009

What's Wrong With Jedi?

I'm usually a pretty staunch defender of the underrated Return of the Jedi -- but I find this list of flaws unanswerable.


Andrew said...

One place where I disagree with that poster: the score.

It is Jedi which first gives us the great attack music that has been used in every Star Wars video game. The track is Battle of Endor I, as Admiral Ackbar checks in with every fighter wing and the rebel fleet engages the imperials.

Also, "Light of the Force" which plays while the funeral pyre burns is fantastic (albeit just a compelling arrangement of earlier themes).

The music in Jabba's palace, however, is terrible; and even more so in the special edition.

Andrew said...

Also, Jedi features what is still the greatest space battle on film.

Not even the battle sequence at the beginning of Episode 3 can eclipse it, despite the much more advanced technology.