Friday, July 25, 2008

The Lost Books Of The Odyssey

Over at my other blog I joked about how even though this site so far was mostly about superheroes and Star Wars, I was working on an alternate ending to The Odyssey. Little did I know, though, that one Zachary Mason, just this year, published a book, The Lost Books of the Odyssey, that does precisely that. Here's one of ther eview excerpts on the book's Amazon page:
Mason un-grounds the Odyssey, often gorgeously, turning Homer's twisting tale into a sermon on indeterminacy. He allows this grand myth of homecoming no beginning or end, just banks of fog, endless mirrors, Borgesian labyrinths.... He has Homer dream of refineries. He sends Odysseus to China, to Hades, to psychoanalysis. He makes him a sorcerer and Achilles a golem crafted from river mud and a slave girl's blood. He lets Odysseus return to Ithaca to find it abandoned, to find Penelope a ghost, or worse, married to a fat old man . . . it had never occurred to him that she would just give up. Odysseus' journeys never end. Or maybe they never begin. Maybe, instead, the war never ends, and Agamemnon ages in a fortress dug beneath Troy's sand beaches that expands dendritically, sending off new shoots in all directions as avalanches reclaim whole wings. Mason delights in doubles, spirals, conceptual mazes and Möbius strips. He is only occasionally too clever. Mainly, he is a wondrous pleasure to read. --Ben Ehrenreich, Los Angeles Times

Doesn't that sound awesome? Hat tip to The Little Professor.

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