Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Real Thing

This is a little late, but Wired made a list of the best Star Wars remakes/condensations, including homemade and sweded movies, the Lego Star Wars video games, and the always-popular Star Wars According To A Three-Year Old.

Of these, I think my favorites are the Lego Star Wars games, which have an unusual quality -- not only are there new lego-based gags, but some of the action is condensed and simplified, while other parts are filled in or lengthened out to extend the gameplay. This seems like an interesting problem for any kind of counterfictional -- what do you omit, what do you keep, what do you extend and expand?


mother of light said...

i love that "sweded" has caught on. i didn't think "be kind rewind" had that big a following! i guess it's because white people like mos def.

Tim said...

I haven't seen Be Kind Rewind, so I guess I'm just basking in the whiteness of reflected Mos Def love. Now if you'll excuse me, I've got to go put Ms. Fat Booty on.